Will Apple kill the MacBook Air?
By: Tom Manning - May 15, 2016

Apple's WWDC conference is coming up next month, and the rumors are already flying. On June 13, developers will get to see Tim Cook and team on stage announce the new products for 2016. Most people believe the MacBook Air will get a refresh as they are still running older Broadwell processors. Other rumors say Apple doesn't need the "Air" line as MacBooks and MacBook Pros are thin and light enough.

People are speculating Apple will kill the 11 inch MBA and release a 15" MBA.

Multiple reports late last year predicted a "significant refresh" of the Airs in mid-2016 with Retina displays, USB-C, Skylake processors and the end of the 11-inch model, but there's a great deal of uncertainty over the Air's future: does Apple really need to make the Air when it has a range of super-portable Retina MacBooks alongside refreshed MacBook Pros?

We're hearing conflicting reports on this: some say a refresh, the end of the 11-inch and the introduction of a 15-inch Air; others say that the Air is going to be grounded.

If you're in the market for a new Mac you might want to wait a few weeks to see what Apple has up its sleeve.


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