BlackBerry wins in court against Typo again
By: Tom Manning - August 23, 2014

BlackBerry has won another round in court against Typo, the Ryan Seacrest backed company who created a BlackBerry'esque keyboard for the iPhone. BlackBerry sued Typo and won a temporary injunction against the company. Typo went back to the drawing board and create a new keyboard that avoids the patent infringements BlackBerry sued over. At the same time, Typo sought relief against the original injunction.

On Thursday Judge Orrick issued a ruling denying Typo's motion. The judge said, the introduction of a "new keyboard isn't grounds for lifting the preliminary injunction."

The case will surely go on, but at this point Typo appears to be running out of options. They clearly violated BlackBerry's patent and it's questionable whether they can continue to operate in the US.


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