BlackBerry looking to autonomous cars for its future
By: Tom Manning - January 16, 2017

Remember when BlackBerry was the dominant smartphone maker? It has been a long decade of decline for BlackBerry, but the company is not quite done yet. BlackBerry is looking to autonomous cars to fuel its future.

BlackBerry owns the QNX operating system. QNX is a powerful system that already runs on millions of cars. Ford, General Motors, and Audi all use QNX for their in-car systems. Even Apple's CarPlay runs on QNX. BlackBerry wants to be the OS for the car.

"We’re not building a car and we’re not building hardware," Courville said. "Our ultimate goal is to provide a software platform for the car... become essentially the OS for the car."

The company has already opened an Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Centre in Ontario, and they are currently testing self driving cars. Can BlackBerry pull it off? Can they be a dominant player in autonomous cars? Only time will tell. It is an interesting turn for the company who dominated the smartphone market a decade ago.


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