Apple has completely screwed up iTunes Match and it's a disaster
By: Tom Manning - August 17, 2015

Apple has completely screwed up iTunes Match for me. Since the debut of Apple Music, iTunes Match has not worked. Iíve already written about how every iOS update now deletes my offline music, but itís much more than that.

I cannot stream music without it skipping. Why is that? I have no idea, but it wasnít like this before Apple Music.

Downloading anything takes way too long. If I download an album from Google Play it takes less than a minute to download 10 tunes. With my iTunes Match library it can take over 2 hours to download 10 songs.

Appleís Music app tells me Iíve downloaded and made available offline my playlists, yet album after album only have half the downloads and I have to re-download. That takes another couple of hours. I have tried toggling the ďshow offline musicĒ button but that doesnít help.

Why am I still paying for this service? Iím sorry Apple, Iím just not willing to wait for you while you figure things out. I'm paying for this service and I expect it to work. Somehow Amazon and Google both figured out how to provide a way for me to stream my library without the hiccups.

Apple Music has completely screwed up the iTunes Match service Iíve loved, and Iím not even using Apple Musicís streaming service. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I have spent the last 24 hours uploading my library to Google Play.

UPDATE: After a reboot, I noticed my music was indeed there the whole time, but Apple Music didn't know. I then had three of everything in my music library. I deleted all the music, unchecked iCloud Music Library, logged out of iTunes App Store, and rebooted 5 times.

When the phone came back up I launched Music and it started downloading 585 songs. How is that possible? I'm completely logged out and I rebooted 5 times.

I cannot start over without reformatting my phone, and I can't stream because the server is so slow the music just skips. On WiFi, or LTE, I cannot successfully stream or download my music in a reasonable time. Downloading 10 songs takes 2 hours. On Google Play, 10 songs takes less than a minute.

Ever since iOS 8, Apple has completely lost my trust. There are so many bugs and issues I can't trust it anymore. Worse, I have wasted hours and hours on Apple bugs. How will we ever trust an Apple self driving car?

Apple makes great hardware, but they do not know how to do services. Can someone name me a single Apple service that works well? They don't have one. Even the contact syncing is terrible.

I'm sorry Apple. I was a fan, but you seriously let me down.

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