iTunes Match on iOS 8 is buggy
By: Tom Manning - November 17, 2014

Are you an iTunes Match subscriber? I am. I pay Apple $25 per year and I have access to my music on any of my Apple devices. The only problem is, iTunes Match is seriously buggy on my iPhone 6.

First of all, if you go to Settings - iTunes & App Store in iOS, and check "Use Cellular Data," your iTunes Match music will download over your cellular connection even though you have WiFi turned on. How do I know this? Because my phone downloaded 5 GB of data overnight and I was charged almost $100 in overages by AT&T. The setting was ON by default and I didn't even know it.

I have tested it several times since my initial problem and whenever that switch is ON, my music downloads over the cellular connection even though WiFi is on. That is not how that switch should function. It should use cellular data if no WiFi is detected.

If you go to Settings - Music and have "Show All Music" unchecked, you should only see the music that has been downloaded to your phone. I use this setting all the time to see what music I can listen to when I'm running and not in a WiFi area.

Many times I will see a song listed, but as soon as I start to play it the wheel starts spinning in the title bar, and my phone tries to go to the Internet to download the music. But iTunes Match said the song was on my phone right? Right, but again, it's buggy.

I have restored my phone several times, and even synced the majority of my music from iTunes before turning iTunes Match. It makes no difference. iTunes Match is buggy on iOS 8 and I hope Apple fixes it soon!

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