Washington state now requires warrants for cell phone surveillance
By: Tom Manning - May 14, 2015

Washington state is ahead of the game when it comes to privacy. Governor Jay Inslee just signed a bill into law that requires police to get a warrant from a judge before they can use a device called a cell site simulator.

The cell site simulator, or Stingray, mimics an actual cell tower and connects to cell phones for spying purposes. The new law is being lauded by civil liberties organizations.

“I don’t think our judicial system works if judges and those being charged don’t have a view into law enforcement activities that put them in the position that they’re in,” said Jared Friend, technology and liberty director for the Seattle American Civil Liberties Union.

Although there are some situations when police can get critical information by spying on cell phones, they should do so in a targeted manner. Mass surveillance is both unconstitutional and not effective. Congratulations Washington state for leading us in the right direction!


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