Gmail for iOS updated with new share extension
By: Tom Manning - March 05, 2015

Google updated Gmail for iOS today taking the app to version 4. Gmail for iOS added a new share extension as well as allowing actionable notifications. The share extension allows you to to share files via Gmail for iOS with any app that supports share extensions. You can view a photo or file, tap "Share" and choose Gmail as the destination. Keep in mind, you have to activate the extension before you can use it.

Actionable notifications allows users to Archive or Reply to mail from the notifications pane. Very nice.

While these are welcome features for Gmail, I cannot for the life of me figure out why Google refuses to bake in either a custom font size control, or support for Apple's Dynamic Fonts. Gmail for iOS uses a tiny font that is simply not comfortable for all users. While Apple was increasing font sizes with iOS 7 and 8, Gmail is stuck in the past with tiny text. This is simply a deal breaker for so many.

While I'm at it, I should also repeat my call for Gmail to go back to supporting Exchange, even if we have to pay for the feature. If not, I recommended people dump Gmail for OS. It was simply dirty for Google to pull support for Exchange and leave iPhone users out in the cold in regards to push email.

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