Apple has gone too far!
By: Tom Manning - September 21, 2016

I love Apple and its products. I have so many Apple products at this point my apartment looks like the Apple Store. I'm usually a big fan, but recent iterations of Apple products make me think they are choosing design over function, and I think that goes too far.

As I do every year, I ordered the iPhone 7 for launch day delivery. It arrived on time, and I was excited to get an upgrade of my iPhone. I was immediately disappointed by several aspects of the phone. I knew there would be no headphone jack which was disappointing, but I didn't realize just how terrible the haptic Home button would be. It's awful. It is the main reason I am returning the phone. It doesn't feel like a click at all, and just feels weird. I don't care how much Apple's marketing team wants me to believe I am better off for it, I just don't like it. Apple's insane desire to create something with no moving parts, no ports, no wires just doesn't make sense to me. It might be an engineering miracle, but it is not fun to use.

I also recently purchased a MacBook for travel. I was excited to get a 2 lb Mac with a 12 inch screen. I like the MacBook, but I hate the keyboard. The MacBook keyboard is very low, very flat, with almost no key travel at all. It looks slick, but it's not fun to type on. I make many more mistakes because I can't feel my way around, and the low key travel feels odd. Wouldn't it make more sense for the computer to be slightly thicker, but include a decent keyboard? Not if you are obsessed with thin as Apple obviously is.

Apple also decided to include just one USB-C connector on the MacBook. That means you need a dongle to do just about anything with your laptop. Wouldn't adding a second port make more sense? Yes, unless you are obsessed with minimalist design and thinness.

As you can tell, I'm feeling a little cranky today. The Apple I loved seems to be obsession over design but leaving function out in the cold. I've loved Apple's designs over the years, but their products functioned well. These days, I find myself looking for other options. Apple has gone too far.

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