Tim Cook opens up about FBI fight in new interview
By: Tom Manning - March 17, 2016

Tim Cook is not taking this fight with the FBI laying down. After a fairly long interview on ABC recently, he has now been interviewed by TIME magazine. Cook is obviously bothered by the government's use of the courts to try and force Apple to create a special version of its operating system that will allow it to unlock iOS devices.

It is obvious in the interview that Cook is disappointed, and mad.

ďDo I like their tactics?Ē Cook says. ďNo, I donít. Iím seeing the government apparatus in a way Iíve never seen it before. Do I like finding out from the press about it? No, I donít think itís professional. Do I like them talking about or lying about our intentions? No. Iím offended by it. Deeply offended by it.Ē

The government is accusing Apple of using its security as a marketing tool. While Apple is proud of the security of their devices, everyone can see that it has nothing to do with thwarting the government. Apple is trying to protect their users from hackers, among others. Why does the government think they should have access to everyone's devices? Technology has changed the equation and the government needs to adjust. They need to figure out other ways to get what they want, without weakening the security of these devices.

Tim Cook is open, and raw in this interview. It should be required reading for anyone who cares about privacy.


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