So long Motorola
By: Tom Manning - January 07, 2016

Motorola phones are dying. Lenovo announced it will dump the Motorola brand in favor of its own name. All of their phones will now carry the Lenovo branding, but they will carry the same "M" logo and be known as "Moto."

Lenovo purchased Motorola in 2014. Motorola CEO, Rick Osterloh, told CNET about the change today.

"We'll slowly phase out Motorola," he said. Lenovo will, however, keep using the Motorola name in organizational settings. Motorola's mobile division also includes products like the Moto 360, which might likely see a name change as well. (Think "Lenovo Moto G," or "Lenovo Moto 360.")

Motorola has been a solid name in phones for quite some time. Although they have been slipping in popularity in recent years, they made quality phones.


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