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The Ubuntu phone is disappointing
News - July 04, 2015
The Ubuntu phone might be a reality, but it is seriously disappointing. Tech Republic took the BQ Aquaris E5 Ubuntu phone for a spin and they struggled to find something good to say. The Ubuntu phone was supposed to allow dockin...read more

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BlackBerry Venice render leaked online
News - July 04, 2015 - Category: RIM
A new render of a rumored upcoming BlackBerry Android device has hit Twitter. @evleaks posted the render on Twitter, which apparently shows a BlackBerry device, codenamed Venice, running Android Lillipop. The rumors have swirled...read more

Will BlackBerry design a bacteria free phone for hospitals?
News - June 27, 2015 - Category: RIM
BlackBerry is considering all kinds of options for the company as it tries to get its feet back on solid ground. Apparently, the company is even thinking about creating a bacteria free phone for use in hospitals. BlackBerry CEO,...read more

BlackBerry offers $1 private chat subscription for BBM
News - June 27, 2015 - Category: RIM
BlackBerry is offering a new way to keep your BBM messages private. The company is offering a $1 Privacy and Control Subscription that allows your messages to strip personal information and disappear a la CyberDust. The new priv...read more

Apple is making iPhones with Force Touch
News - June 27, 2015 - Category: iPhone
If Bloomberg is to be believed, Apple suppliers are already making iPhones with Force Touch. Force Touch allows the phone to know how hard you are pressing on the screen. Originally debut in the new MacBook for 2015, Force Touch...read more

You can sign up for Messenger without a Facebook account
News - June 24, 2015 - Category: Android
Facebook is finally allowing people to sign up for its Messenger app without having a Facebook account. If you are willing to give them your phone number, and a picture, you can use Messenger. That's not a bad deal for the compa...read more

BlackBerry reports $28 million loss
News - June 24, 2015 - Category: RIM
BlackBerry reported earnings yesterday, and it looks like they're still losing money. They are losing less money than last year, but revenue is also down. The company reported a loss of $28 million on revenue of $658 million, co...read more

Lastpass warns users of suspicious activity on their network
News - June 15, 2015 - Category: Smartphone
If you use LastPass, it is time to change your master password. Lastpass noticed some unusual activity on its network last Friday. The team was able to block the attack, but some data was compromised. LastPass says account email...read more

New BBM features Private Chat
News - June 15, 2015 - Category: RIM
The latest version of BBM for BlackBerry 10 features a new Private Chat mode. Private Chat makes sure there is no trace of your conversation on either device. Once Private Chat is enabled, all contact information is removed fro...read more

Will BlackBerry release an Android device?
News - June 12, 2015 - Category: RIM
Would BlackBerry release a new phone running Android? Reuters is reporting BlackBerry will indeed launch an Android device and they say they have two sources to back up the story. They say the decision is based on CEO John Chen'...read more

Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone updated
News - June 08, 2015 - Category: Pocket PC
Facebook has updated its Messenger app for Windows Phone to version 10.0.0. The update brings new features like viewing profiles of people from within the conversation, and adding notifications to the conversation. Stickers also l...read more

iOS 8.4 and an iTunes update set for June 30
News - June 08, 2015 - Category: iPhone
Apple announced a new version of iOS 8.4, and a new versions of iTunes will be released on June 30. These updates will be necessary for the new Apple Music service the company announced today. Apple Music is a streaming music ...read more

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